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Using ASP.NET Core middleware to log request and response for an ASP.NET Core API
Jan 12, 2016
This blog explains the restify-typescript-seed project. What is it contain and how to utilise it to your needs.
Jan 07, 2016
Building a Knaban board web application using AngularJS, WebApi, SignalR and HTML5
Aug 24, 2014
Using Autofac IoC container in MVC application to resolve dependencies. Scenarios included: controller, custom filter and view dependency injection
Aug 19, 2014
This article discusses the usage of repository pattern with unit of work. Then it shows how this pattern can be used with IoC and unit test.
Mar 20, 2014
Going through the OOP model available in JavaScript using the prototype built in property
Sep 05, 2013
In this sample code I will build WCF Routing service to explain how we can acheive service versioning using WCF Routing Service. I will create two services with the same service contract but with two different implementations. I will also build a client that will call these services using the routing service.
Jun 20, 2013
WCF Routing service was a needed solution for a while, now it is shipped with WCF 4 among other new functionalities like service discovery, better support for REST services and WCF Syndication. In this article I will focus on the WCF Routing service, what it is and where it should be used. We will be looking at the configuration needed for this type of services.
May 03, 2013