CAP Consumer


Client CAP Automotive
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Tech used ASP.NET MVC | AngulaJS | ASP.NET Web API | Bootstrap | SQL Server | JavaScript | Octopus Deploy
Date Dec 2014

Project Details

CAP Consumer is a CAP Ltd product which provides used car valuations for users. This product targets the end user i.e. not manufactureres or used car dealers. The project is to build a web application using ASP.NET MVC 5 and the latest UI tools like AngularJs, Bootstrap and jQuery.

The web application was built using the mobile first approach which is built in Bootstrap 3.

The web application also utelises the 3 tier architicture. ASP.NET Web API was used to create the data layer to provide the option for scalability if the need arises. Best practises were followed in building this application like DRY, SOLID and unit tests.

Client Details

Every month we collect millions of pieces of data about thousands of new and used cars in the UK. We talk to motorists, manufacturers, car dealers, and a huge range of car experts. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years. Dealers, car manufacturers, insurers, lenders, car hire firms rely on the accuracy and independence of our car valuations.


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