Endpoint Application Management


Client ivanti
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Tech used NodeJS | TypeScript | HapiJS | MySql | Redis | Bootstrap | SASS | Docker | aws | Angular 2
Date Apr 2016

Project Details

Endpoint Application Management (V*) is an endpoint security system. It allows fine tuning of user windows machines on the organisation network. It gives the administrator a facility to manage which programs can be run or installed on which machine by which user at what time..etc. It consists of the following high level components:

  • UI (Built with Angular 2)
  • Policy Service (Node JS, MySql, Redis, HapiJS)
  • Windows Agent (A windows application that sits on the user machine and reads the policy from the Agent Support Service)
  • Agent Support Service (Developed by a team in the US, Agents communicate with it to register themselves and get new policies)

The UI talks with policy service and with Agent Support Service to manage various aspects of the policy.

For example it allow the user to add trusted users to a policy and this functionality is available in the policy service. It also allows for removing machines from a policy and this is done using Agent Support Service.

Client Details

Ivanti focuses on enabling organisations to gain control of service delivery, simplify service management processes, acquire real-time visibility across their services and infrastructure, and orchestrate the interactions of people, process, and technology for optimum service performance


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