Portal 2


Client LGC Standards
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Tech used NodeJS | Java | Spring Boot | MySql | Bootstrap | SASS | aws | Angular
Date Mar 2017

Project Details

Porta 2 consists of 3 main parts

  • Portal 2 API
  • Portal 2 admin
  • Portal 2 External

The Portal 2 admin is a Spring Boot application the utelises Spring Rest to expose HTTP services to both Admin and External App

Portal 2 admin is an Angular application for the back office users to setup rounds and samples which will be available for labs

Portal 2 External is an Angular application for labs to submit their results and download reports

Client Details

LGC provides proficiency testing schemes with localised support across a truly global network to over 12,000 laboratories in over 160 countries, conducting over 1,700 proficiency tests each year. Proficiency Testing (PT) is a requirement for accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 15189. LGC operates PT schemes across the food, beverage, environmental, clinical, pharmaceutical, consumer safety, forensic and petroleum sectors – your laboratory will get the support it needs in demonstrating the effectiveness of your quality system.


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  • project screenshot