Online Medico-Legal Portal (VU)


Client Premex Services
Project online More Info
Tech used ASP.NET Web Forms | SQL Server | jQuery
Date Sep 2009

Project Details

This online portal was designed for the parties who are involved in a given medico-legal case to manage the various aspects of their involvement in that case. This includes the case worker in the back office, the medical expert who will look into the case to estimate the damage and law firms who are dealing with the case from a legal point of view. These actions include the following:

  • the case worker can search/book/view/edit appointments for existing Medico-Legal cases.
  • medical experts can manage their diary and update their free appointment slots
  • solicitors can access and submit a Medico-Legal case information and documents

Client Details

Premex Services is the UK's leading provider of independent medico-legal reports, used to assist in the resolution of personal injury claims. Established in 1996, Premex Services is supported by a team of over 300 employees and operates from its headquarters in Bolton.


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