Compliments Select


Client Edenred UK
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Tech used SQL Server | WCF
Date Apr 2010

Project Details

The idea of Compliments Select is to let an employer buy a set of voucher codes with different values ranged from £1 to £50. These codes then get sent to employees via email or post. The employee then can login to the code redemption portal and redeem her codes for the store she wants. For example she can have £10 worth of credit from ASDA and £20 credit from Debenhams and so on. Once she selected how she wants to redeem these codes, she will then receive these credits in a form of vouchers that she can spend in the stores which she selected.

My role in this project was to create the WCF services which will be contacted by the purchase codes portal for invoicing and order management. The order management and invoicing will happen in Edenred systems, that is all the business logic, order information and invoicing will be stored and processed in Edenred systems and then communicated with the portal which is managed by a third party.

Client Details

Edenred is all about motivating and engaging people and making life/work better. About helping organisations all over the world perform better. And here’s a bit more about how we do it. We offer the widest range of incentives, rewards and benefits solutions, individually designed to fit your audience, your goals and your budget - a unique and unrivalled total reward & recognition solution.


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